Herpes Photos Information

The herpes simplex infection is usually associated with problems involving genital ulcers and cold sores. This virus can be easily transmitted through skin contact and particularly through sexual contact. Herpes pictures indicate that the herpes simplex type 1 virus is responsible for cold sores on the lips, face and the mouth. These lesions may be seen to occur within the mouth and are also called fever blisters. Herpes pictures reveal that genital ulcers are caused by the type 2 virus. The infection is also accompanied with mouth sores, fever along with enlarged lymph nodes particularly in those in the groin and the neck region. Transmission of the virus can occur even in the absence of visible sores and symptoms.

Herpes pictures indicate that the primary stage starts between 2 to around 8 days after a person is infected. Initially the infection begins with a group of painful blisters. The blisters are filled with a liquid that may be cloudy or clear and the skin under these blisters is red. With time the blisters open and turn into open sores. In the latent stage there are no obvious symptoms and in the shedding stage the virus multiplies within the nerves.

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